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West Mercia Governance Board

Notes of Meeting

Wednesday 19th April, 13:30-16:30

Allsop Room, Hindlip


  • John Campion (JC) Chair – Police & Crime Commissioner
  • Pippa Mills (PM) – Chief Constable
  • Alex Murray (AM) – Deputy Chief Constable
  • Marc Bayliss (MB) – Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Richard Muirhead (RM) – Director of Commercial Services
  • Rachel Hartland-Lane (RHL) – Director of Business Services
  • Grant Wills (GW) – Ch. Supt, Local Policing – rep ACC RJ
  • Gareth Boulton (GB) – Chief Executive Officer
  • Tony Morriss (TM) – Deputy Chief Executive
  • Paul Benfield (PB) – Treasurer
  • Rachael Thorold (minutes) – Secretary


  • Rachel Jones (RJ) – Assistant Chief Constable, Local Policing
  • Richard Cooper (RC) – Assistant Chief Constable, C&V
  • Jemma Towers (JT) – OCC Staff Officer


Ref 01/19/04/2023

Introduction / Attendance / Apologies 

Introductions were made and apologies noted. 

Ref 02/19/04/2023

Minutes and Action Log for the meeting held on 22nd March 2023. 
The minutes were recorded as an accurate record, with the exception of the below. 

–  The OPCC Commissioning paper – page 4;  

Action: The Safer Streets element of the paper needs to be referenced and a response on this is to be brought to a future meeting of this Board.  Action: RJ

–  Special Constabulary Federation Membership – an amendment is to be made under the Special Constabulary Federation Membership item; the word consulted is to be replaced with surveyed as opposed to as stated. 

–  Typo at the top of page 5 – the word remuneration is to be corrected. 

The action log was reviewed and updates ad required. 

Ref 03/19/04/2023

Transforming Road Safety plus Outline Business Case. (Papers). 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted.  

–  The PCC clarified the funding situation with the proposed recommendation, he felt the explanation for what is required of the financial envelope needs clarification.   

–  The PCC has concerns about the timescales for the activities and their implementation proposed.  The CC suggested separation of the activities, with the affordability of this suggestion being of concern for the PCC. 

–  The CEO asked what the situation is with the roads mentioned within the Decision Notice, that are not mentioned in this Business Case.  GW stated they are included within the site suitability report, which can be shared. 

–   The DPCC stated assurance was needed on the outcomes of the rationale behind the siting of the average speed cameras and the other speed enforcement measures.   

–   The CC is confident all works are carried out in compliance with the DoT regulations, and with the local authorities in the areas concerned. 

Decision: The recommendation was unsupported, subject to the below action to be taken. 

Action: The cost justification for the recommendation and the A449 Scheme Business Case.  This is to be presented within the next 2 weeks.  Action: RJ

Ref 04/19/04/2023

IPLDP plus Options Paper – (Papers). 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

–  The PCC asked if the OPCC had been included in the presented options development, and the decision made by the Force.  He felt his views in this have not been adequately portrayed, and would like it stated that although he does not support the scheme, he understands it is a decision for the Force to make. 

–  Recommendation is Option C; with an internal IPLDP to be run in September with an external IPLDP run in December.  Aimed at attracting those currently not on an entry route. Other entry route programmes will still be run.   

–  The PCC asked what the strategy is for managing the potential staff morale issues, which he has concerns around.   

–  The DPCC asked questions around the risks involved in the number of officers leaving the Force and going to other Forces.   

–  The PCC feels this is a choice to make this decision, and asked why has the number of 50 been chosen.  RHL stated the PCDA and DHep entry routes will still be followed, so a gentle approach is required with the non degree entry route, initially. 

–  The PCC asked what the financial implications were for the decision made.  The response was this is a cost neutral decision, with perhaps a small saving.   

–  The PCC expressed concern on the inclusion and diversity elements of the non degree entry scheme. 

Ref 05/19/04/2023

Decarbonisation of Fleet Assets – (Papers). 

The paper was presented, discussed and supported with the exception of the 20 EVs element. 

–  The PCC remains unconvinced regarding the infrastructure for the Worcester 20 EV pilot.  The funding released to is to be used for the required infrastructure implementations and not for the purchase of the 20 electric vehicles. (the £560,00).   

–    The CC asked what is the assurance sought by the PCC, in order for him to release the funding for the Worcester EV pilot.  The PCC stated he feels the currently missing infrastructural elements along with what is needed, for the Worcester pilot to be put in place to gain his assurance. 

Decision:  The recommendation is funds will be released except for the purchase of the 20 EVs.   

  • To release the funding of £1,055k for the purchase of ICE Vehicles 
  • To release the funding of £983k + £73k for the Hybrid vehicles

Ref 06/19/04/2023

Police Now – (Paper). 

The paper was presented, discussed and supported.  

–  The PCC sought assurance around the impact of this route against the IPLDP entry route and stated his support for the programme

Decision: The recommendation is supported.

Ref 07/19/04/2023

West Mercia’s Approach to Victim satisfaction plus options paper – (Papers). 

The papers were presented, discussed and     

–  In relation to rape, the PCC asked how are the force reassured in the voice of the victim/lived experience is then magnified.  The PCC felt the paper wasn’t clear in providing this reassurance.  The response is this is a combination of dissemination routes.   

Action: RJ is to carry out an assessment of the most effective approach to testing victim satisfaction for rape victims, including how the Force manage safeguarding to prevent re-trauma.  This response is to be brought back to the June meeting of this Board. 

Ref 08/19/04/2023

ACC/ACO/RM/DoCS Update – (Papers). 

The papers were presented and discussed. 

Business Services Update – RHL. 

Nothing further raised. 

Crime & Vulnerability Update – ACC RC. 

Nothing further raised. 

Local Policing/OPS/Public contact/Prevention Portfolio Update – RJ 

Nothing further raised. 

Commercial Services Update – RM. 

The DPCC asked a question regarding the current number of vacancies within the DS team.  The losses are due to higher wages elsewhere, but this is not seen as a significant problem. 

–  The 365 programme is being worked through.   

–  The issues mentioned for within the Contracts & Procurement processes, can be overcome with co-operation on by all parties.  The PCC stated the priorities of each organisation are to be what drives the processes.

Ref 09/19/04/2023


Forward Plan. 

The agreed list will be formalised. 

Ref 10/19/04/2023

Next Meeting.

Wednesday 24th May 2023, 14:00hrs, Willison Room, Hindlip