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West Mercia Governance Board

Notes of Meeting

Wednesday 26th July 2023, 14:00-17:00

Willison Room, Hindlip


John Campion (JC) Chair – Police and Crime Commissioner

Marc Bayliss (MB) – Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

Gareth Boulton (GB) – Chief Executive Officer

Paul Benfield (PB) – Treasurer

Pippa Mills (PM) – Chief Constable

Alex Murray (AM) – Deputy Chief Constable

Richard Muirhead (RM) – Director of Commercial Services

Damian Barratt (DB) – T/ACC – Crime & Vulnerability

Rachel Jones (RJ) – ACC – Local Policing

Rachel Hartland-Lane (RHL) – Director of Business Services

Rachael Thorold (minutes) – Secretary


Tony Morriss (TM) – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Richard Cooper (RC) – Assistant Chief Constable


Ref 01/26/07/2023

Introduction / Attendance / Apologies.

Introductions were made and apologies noted.

Ref 02/26/07/2023

Minutes and Action Log for the meeting held on 21st June 2023.

The minutes were recorded as an accurate record.
The action log was updated.

Ref 03/26/07/2023

Money Matters Q1 2023-24 – Papers – For Decision.

The Q1 2023-2024 Money Matters paper was presented and discussed.

  • The PCC asked that further detail around savings plans, to highlight what
    has been removed and replaced from the plan, be included in the report
    going forward.
  • There was a discussion around pay awards for police officers and staff, and
    the associated local financial impact, albeit recognising that awards are not
    fully confirmed at this point.

Decision: The recommendation from the Addendum was supported. A virement is authorised to enable payment of a pay award of 7% from 1st September for all employees. This to be based on a virement of £5.127m from the calculated grant income of and virement of £1.345m utilised from the contingency funding available. Confirmation of final figures to be brought to future meeting following the announcement of actual grant funding.

Ref 04/26/07/2023

Agile Working Policy – Papers – For Information.

The agile working policy was presented, discussed, and noted.

  • The CEO asked what the terms of review for the Policy are in terms of
    benefits/impact on performance. RHL stated that the policy will be
    reviewed and there are measurable indicators which will be monitored.
  • The DPCC asked how access to restricted data/information is ensured.
    Ensuring data protection and information security access risks is the
    responsibility of the worker, and all are to continue to adhere to the
    relevant policies and procedures.

Ref 05/26/07/2023

Public release of BWV – Paper – For Information.

The public release of BWV paper was presented, discussed, and noted

Ref 06/26/07/2023

Safer West Mercia Plan Funding Initiatives – Papers – For information.

The Safer West Mercia Plan Funding initiatives papers were presented, discussed, and noted.

  • The PCC highlighted that use of this funding had been delegated to the Force
    and did not require reporting, however he was grateful for the transparency.
  • There was concern that some of the investments were being proposed to
    support BAU or Force initiatives, rather than direct public priorities. WMP
    will review these alongside guidance previously provided by PCC.
  • The spend will be reported back to this meeting via the Money Matters

Ref 07/26/07/2023

Fleet Write Off July 2023 – Paper – For Decision.

The fleet write off paper was presented and discussed.

  • PCC stated that in the scheme of consent the force have ability to manage
    write offs and that therefore this request did not require PCC decision.
  • Discussion around impact on the 23/24 reserve balances and the timing of
    draw down from reserve for the decision made at March 2023 WMGB.
  • Clarification that the Force is able to handle the matter within existing
    consent parameters. The recommendation was unsupported.
  • The PCC queried outcomes relating to the third party responsible for
    the damage.

Action: 2023/24 – RHL is to provide an update on how the Force pursues insurance, criminal or civil damages relating to incidents caused by a third party.

Ref 08/26/07/2023

Fleet Governance – Papers – For Information.

The fleet governance papers were presented, discussed, and noted.

  • The PCC welcomed the paper and welcomed the information being
    captured by the Telematics system as well as the progress it is enabling in
    the management of the fleet.
  • With regards to servicing, the PCC asked for reassurance that Chief Officers
    are satisfied that the servicing regime is appropriate and that it is able to
    respond to changing fleet requirements, specifically for non-emergency

Action: 2023/25 – RHL is to provide reassurance that the Forces approach to mainlining the fleet is appropriate, flexible, innovative and provides best value.

Ref 09/26/07/2023

Change and Transformation Update – For Information.

The Change and Transformation update was presented and discussed.

  • Agreement that a specific report on DST would come to WMGB, providing
    detail on delivery of the programme to date and consideration of
    implications for the future of the programme given the original timescales
    for delivery. This would come to WMGB in late Autumn 2023.

Action: 2023/26 – The CC/DCC are to confirm the date for the DST deep dive element of the C&T programme at WMGB.

Ref 10/26/07/2023

Internal Audit 2023-2024 – Paper – For Information.

The Internal Audit paper was noted. It was agreed this (and other similar) papers did not need to be tabled at WMGB in the future.

Ref 11/26/07/2023

Quarterly A & A update – Paper – For Information.

The quarterly A & A update was presented, discussed, and noted.

  • It was noted by both WMP and OPCC colleagues that papers presented at
    the meeting should carry appropriate branding.

Ref 12/26/07/2023

ACC/ACO Directorate Updates – (Papers).
The papers were presented discussed and noted.

Business Services Update – RHL.
The paper was presented, discussed, and noted.

Crime & Vulnerability Update – DB.
The paper was presented, discussed, and noted.

Local Policing/OPS/Public contact/Prevention Portfolio Update – RJ.
The paper was presented, discussed, and noted.

  • Discussion around heightened levels of demand reflected in 999 / 101 call
    figures, and how much of this is down to genuine increases in demand vs
    technical issues including Android phones and server issues. Investigations
    into this continue.

Commercial Services Update – RM.
The paper was presented, discussed, and noted.

  • The PCC welcomed the infrastructure resilience update.
  • Confirmation from WMP that an internal launch around the Corporate
    Governance Framework and Scheme of Consent is in progress.

Ref 13/26/07/2023

AOB/Forward Plan.

Clarification of April 2023 minutes.
Request from PB that the fleet decision made in April 2023, be amended. This was supported by the PCC. A revision to the decision has been included on the presented report.

Decision: – The proposed decision was accepted to clarify the funding available in relation to the FRP decision made at WMGB in April 2023.

Ref 14/26/07/2023

Next Meeting.
Wednesday 23rd August 2023, 14:00hrs, Willison Room, Hindlip