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West Mercia Governance Board

Notes of Meeting

Wednesday 24th May, 14:00-17:00

Willison Room, Hindlip


John Campion (JC) Chair – Police & Crime Commissioner

Marc Bayliss (MB) – Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

Gareth Boulton (GB) – Chief Executive Officer

Tony Morriss (TM) – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Paul Benfield (PB) – Treasurer

Pippa Mills (PM) – Chief Constable

Richard Muirhead (RM) – Director of Commercial Services

Rachel Jones (RJ) – Assistant Chief Constable, Local Policing

Rachel Hartland-Lane (RHL) – Director of Business Services

Rachael Thorold (minutes) – Secretary


Richard Cooper (RC) Assistant Chief Constable, C&V

Alex Murray (AM), Deputy Chief Constable


Ref 01/24/05/2023

Introduction / Attendance / Apologies. 

Introductions were made and apologies noted. 

Ref 02/24/05/2023

Minutes and Action Log for the meeting held on 19th April 2023. 
The minutes were recorded as an accurate record, subject to the following amendments and note. 

Amendment: Item 03/19/04/2023 – The action is to include the timescale of the achievability of the required SBC (refer to action tracker item 2023/15). 

Amendment: Item 07/19/04/2023 – Action should be allocated to RC not RJ. 

Note: Item 05/19/04/2023 – There is a difference in recollection regarding a request for further work around assurance re: the EV pilot. Force colleagues believed an action had been created. There is no recollection of this from the OPCC. 

The action log was updated. 

Ref 03/24/05/2023

FCIU Business Case – Paper – For Decision. 

The paper was presented, discussed and agreed. 

– The recommendation to release the required funding of £102,502 was supported by the PCC. 

Decision: The recommendation to release funding of £102,502 was supported by the PCC. 

Ref 04/25/05/2023

Stolen Motorcycle replacement – Paper – For Decision. 

The paper was presented, discussed and agreed. 

– The PCC asked if thefts of this nature are less likely to re-occur given the   development of telematics, and was re-assured that it would be substantially less likely.  

– The PCC asked if any learning regarding Officer conduct following the theft had been dealt with and was reassured this has been done. 

Decision: The recommendation to approve £20,000 was supported by the PCC. 

Ref 05/24/05/2023

Money Matters – Outturn 2022-23 – Paper – For Information. 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

– The decreased PCSO budget is due to the movement of PCSOs to other roles within the Force. 

– The PCC sought reassurance on significant monies refunded etc, to ensure appropriate oversight and governance on how it is allocated.  

– It was suggested that this could be built into the ongoing work regarding the refresh of the joint Corporate Governance Framework  

– CC asked for the Force to be able to go away and consider proposals as to how this could be captured and reported.  

Action 2023/18: As part of ongoing discussions regarding the Corporate Governance Framework, Consideration needs to be given to the strategic Governance/awareness of income and grants .Action RM/PB.

– The CC noted that there is a substantial amount of innovative work going on within the Force resulting in savings generation, which is not always well represented at strategic level.  

Action 2023/19: RM is to investigate how efficiencies and processes that generate them are captured and reported. 

– The savings made so far are to be recognised.   

The virements contained within the recommendation were noted. The PCC sought reassurance as to the level of virements conducted in 22/23 and that they appeared to be more than double the level carried out in 21/22. This was a relevant consideration around proposed amendments to the Corporate Governance Framework to ensure the PCC’s strategic intent (set via the budget) cannot be fundamentally altered without appropriate governance oversight. 

Action 2023/17: RM is to look into the overall budget difference and is to provide the explanation.

Ref 06/23/05/2023

Capital outturn and carry forward 2022-23 – Paper – For Decision. 

The paper was presented, discussed and agreed by the PCC. 

Decision: The recommendation of the carry forward as set out was approved by the PCC.

Ref 07/24/05/2023

Reserves outturn 2022-23 – Paper – For Decision. 

The paper was presented, discussed and agreed. 

The Op Lincoln funding issues were discussed. 

Decision: The recommendation of the balance of reserves as set out in table 1 of the report at £24.865m, along with the set out draw down in section 4 are approved by the PCC. Additional approval given to the force to draw down up to £250k from the infrastructure reserve in respect of changes by the Home office to Op Lincoln funding roll over related to 22/23 financial year. 

Ref 08/24/05/2023

Annual Governance Statement 2022-23 – Paper – For Decision. 

The paper was presented, discussed and agreed. 

– Amendment; The Internal Ethics Committee is now known as the Internal Ethics Forum. 

Decision: The presented Joint Annual Governance Statement was approved by both the PCC and CC. 

Ref 09/24/05/2023

Op Lincoln Update – Papers – For Information. 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

– The request for the grant has been submitted with the response awaited.   

Action 2023/20: PB will follow up the response to the grant submission. 

Ref 10/24/05/2023

Internal processes and Governance for Commissioning – Paper – For Information. 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

– The PCC raised a concern around missed opportunity of involvement of the OPCC at the early stage of the flow charts, reassurance was given that the OPCC is included within the definition of Key Stakeholders consultation element of the process. 

– The PCC sought assurances that this paper describes processes regarding Force-generated commissioning activity, as opposed to the totality of commissioning activity. The CC confirmed this, and that the processes are designed to ensure the Chief Officer team have oversight of commissioning proposals that are being submitted to the PCC by the Force. It was confirmed that commissioning activity generated within the OPCC will be subject to the approach brought forward in March 2023 by the PCC.  

– It is to be noted that the paper presented relates to a Force owned process, which has been incorrectly presented on a joint logo headed paper. This will be corrected.  

– It is to be noted that the paper sets out both the interdependencies and autonomy of the Force and OPCC in making commissioning decisions. 

– It was accepted that this Force process does not fetter the commissioning activities of the PCC. 

Ref 11/24/05/2023

Corporate Communications work strands 2023-24 – Paper – For Information. 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

Reassurance was provided around national police collaboration around key themes, as well as “tiers”, not necessarily denoting levels of importance, but more where key activity is required. 

– The CEO sought reassurance that the Force is effectively making the case for ‘prevention’, to the public, in respect of both the how and the why.  Reassurance was provided on this in that it is covered via targeted comms. 

Ref 12/24/05/2023

Strategic Fleet Board update – Paper – For Information. 

The paper was presented, discussed and noted. 

– The paper was welcomed by the PCC and sought reassurance that sense checks will take place at regular intervals. 

– The PCC sought reassurance that issues raised that the Strategic Fleet Board are dealt with appropriately.  And clarified that ‘high level’ issues are also actioned appropriately. 

–  The PCC stated the Force should be proud of the benefits gained from the use of the Telematics system and felt these should be celebrated by way of a positive news story to ensure continued compliance. 

Ref 13/24/05/2023

ACC/ACO/RM/DoCS /C&T Updates – (Papers). 

The papers were presented and discussed. 

Business Services Update – RHL. 

– The PCC appreciated the consideration of his views by the force prior to the IPLDP pay decision. Timelines in advance of key contractual dates were set out. 

Crime & Vulnerability Update – ACC RC. 

Positive progress around county lines disruption was acknowledged. 

Local Policing/OPS/Public contact/Prevention Portfolio Update – RJ 

– The issues with the latency/101 calls being dropped are being investigated and solutions actioned where required. 

– Comms will go out around the North and South Worcestershire crime fighting teams creatation. 

Commercial Services Update – RM. 

– A successful supplier day was held on the 23rd May 2023.  Appreciation was given to the contribution made by the OPCC attendees. 

Ref 14/25/05/2023

AOB/Forward Plan. 

Action 2023/21: The Forward Plan is to be shared with the force for accurate recording of planned future items. Action: TM

Ref 15/25/05/2023

Next Meeting. 

Wednesday 21st June 2023, 14:00hrs, Willison Room, Hindlip