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West Mercia Governance Board

Notes of Meeting

Wednesday 22nd November 2023, 13:30 – 17:00

Willison Room, Hindlip


John Campion (Chair), Police and Crime Commissioner

Alex Murray, T/Chief Constable

Marc Bayliss, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

Gareth Boulton, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Benfield, Treasurer

Richard Cooper, T/Deputy Chief Constable

Richard Muirhead, Director of Commercial Services

Rachel Hartland-Lane, Director of Business Services

Rachel Jones, Assistant Chief Constable, Crime & Vulnerability

Rachael Thorold, Secretary


Grant Wills, T/Assistant Chief Constable, Local Policing Ops

Tony Morriss, Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Ref 01/22/11/2023

Introduction / Attendance / Apologies.
Introductions and apologies were made.

Ref 02/22/11/2023

Minutes and Action Log for the meeting held on 18th October 2023.
The minutes were recorded as an accurate record.
The action tracker was updated accordingly.

Ref 03/22/11/2023

Digital Services Transformation (DST) Deep Dive – Paper – For Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Topics discussed included:

  • Assurances around how best value is being achieved from the resources provided
  • Outcome monitoring and plans to track benefit realisation, both within DS and across the wider police force
  • Future years resourcing levels and the need to have sustainable, appropriate levels of investment once the original scope of the DST programme is delivered.
  • Next steps in the programme, in respect of app migration planning and the use of server rooms both remotely and at Hindlip

A future roadmap for both the app migration plan and tracking benefits / outcomes across the organisation was proposed, to return to WMGB.

Action 2023/43: A strategic roadmap for beyond the app migration plan for years 1, 2 and 3 of the DST programme is to be brought to the February 2024 meeting, to include outcome and benefit tracking across the police force.

Ref 04/22/11/2023

Cultural Audit – Papers – For Information.
The papers were presented and discussed.

The piece of work was welcomed as a positive step forward for West Mercia Police.

Reassurance was sought and provided on the following:

  • Staff recognition within the police force, over and above existing mechanisms
  • Plans to improve internal communications platforms, as a means of delivering a number of the recommendations highlighted
  • Enabling progress to be delivered, while maintaining flexibility to respond to the views of any incoming Chief Constable.
  • How delivery is monitored and outcomes are tracked across time.
  • Achieving penetration of messaging throughout the entire police force.

Ref 05/22/11/2023

Average Speed Cameras – Paper – For Decision.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Decision: The PCC supported the progression of the proposed A49 project, and supported in-principle a project for the A41, subject to engineering proposals for the route.

A budget of £600,000 was allocated from the Road Safety reserve for the 2 proposed schemes. Full proposals in respect of the A49 project are to return PCC for consideration at WMGB in January 2024, along with updated timelines and further detail in respect of potential implementation for the A41.

Ref 06/22/11/2023

IITCSE Position – Paper – For Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Action: A review of activities against the Inquiry recommendations activities is to be conducted by the DCC, supported by a member of the OPCC.

Action: GB to arrange for A&A notes to be updated on PCC website in light of ILEC feedback.

Ref 07/22/11/2023

Op Lincoln Position – Paper – For Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Ref 08/22/11/2023

Strategic Fleet Board October 2023 – Paper – For Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Clarification was provided in respect of internal police force driver sanctions.

Ref 09/22/11/2023

Public Contact Business Case – Papers – For Decision.
Paper withdrawn.

Ref 10/22/11/2023

Money Matters P07 – Paper – For Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Discussion was held around the unmet savings and the reasons behind this.

Ref 11/22/11/2023

Change & Transformation Update – Paper – Information.
The paper was presented and discussed.

Ref 12/22/11/2023

Digital Forensic Programme – Paper – For Decision.
The paper was presented and discussed.

The PCC highlighted high levels of confidence in the force’s Digital Forensics function.

Clarification on the precise finances associated with the request from the Force was sought and provided. The solution requires the carry forward of £699k of capital allocation into next year and the agreement to / allocation of a further £154k.

Decision: The recommendations set out in the paper were supported by the PCC, including the carry forward of £699,947 and an additional capital allocation of £154,000.

Ref 13/22/11/2023

Assistant Chief Constables/Assistant Chief Officers Updates – Papers – For Information.
The papers were presented and discussed.

Business Services Portfolio Update – RHL.

Commercial Services Portfolio Update – RM.

Crime & Vulnerability Portfolio Update – RJ.

Local Policing/Operational Policing Support/Public contact/Prevention Portfolio Update –

Discussion in relation to reviews of the CRC. There is potential for this to form part of the more formal A&A process. Precise arrangements to be discussed and agreed by the PCC and T/CC.

Action – Options around review of the CRC to be discussed by the PCC and T/CC.

Performance concerns in respect of the FLU were raised by MB.

Discussion relating to recent messaging in respect of police station front counter opening times. Agreement for further discussions in coming days between WMP and OPCC.

Ref 14/22/11/2023

AOB/Forward Plan.
Nothing further raised.

Ref 15/22/11/2023

Next Meeting.
Wednesday 20th December 2023, 14:00hrs, Willison