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The PCC is funding a football project aimed at tackling ASB by giving Hereford youngsters a focus.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is pleased to provide £1,000 of funding towards ‘Making Changes’, a youth football project supported by Hereford Football Club and Central Roofing.

Due to previous great success, the project will continue to run throughout the summer to provide children aged 9 – 12 with a soccer camp that not only allows them to enjoy themselves, but a place to have a hot meal and develop as people.

The aim of the project is to ensure children from challenging backgrounds are provided with key skills and knowledge to ensure they can make better choices and reduce their chance of being a victim, or perpetrator of crime, such as anti-social behaviour, in the future.

PCC John Campion: “I am proud to support a project that will continue my commitment to help build a safer West Mercia. By supporting a youth project such as this, it will allow young people to be educated on key issues and help reduce their chance of becoming involved in criminality in the future.”