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On the day that Assaults on Emergency Workers Bill becomes law, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, is reminding communities to look Behind the Badge, to understand the impacts that assaults can have on emergency workers and their families.

The Commissioner has campaigned extensively to reduce assaults on police officers, and other emergency workers, ensuring they get the same support as any other victim of crime, and that communities treat them with the respect they deserve.

In the most recent quarter*, there were 152 incidents in which police officers or staff were victims whilst on duty, in 46 of these injuries were sustained. This equates to 1.6 incidents each day, or 1 incident for every 13 officers.

The change in legislation, which the Commissioner has backed throughout, makes certain offences aggravated when committed against emergency workers, giving courts the power to impose stronger sentences, doubling the maximum sentence for an assault against an emergency worker from 6 to 12 months in prison.

Commissioner John Campion says “We must never lose sight of the fact that police officers, and all those who do an extraordinary role in protecting us, are ordinary people, with ordinary lives. We must never underestimate the impact that assaults can have not only on those who are assaulted but on their loved ones, and those around them.

My commitment and my drive is to continue to encourage people to see Behind the Badge. This is a landmark step in ensuring the full weight of the law, will support those who are unfortunately assaulted in the course of their duties.”

PC Lloyd Stone was assaulted whilst on duty in Bromsgrove, and talked about the impact this had on him and his family. Watch his story above.

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*Figures cover July-September 2018, and based on officer headcount for same period.

Issued: Tuesday 13th November 2018