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Crime in West Mercia is increasing at third of a rate of the national levels with notable successes around robbery, burglary and vehicle crime.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, and West Mercia Chief Officers have welcomed the latest performance figures, which show that while overall crime has increased by 5% in West Mercia, compared to national figures showing a rise across the country of  15% in the last financial year.*

Shropshire in particular has seen a significant fall around robbery, with a 19% decrease compared to a national rise of 30%.*

These figures are reassuring for communities across West Mercia highlighting work to reduce the rate of recorded crime which has been successful in some key areas. Local policing teams have been working especially hard targeting offences such as burglary and this targeted approach has seen some very positive results.

In respect of these, the force has deployed local teams dedicated to tackling serious acquisitive crime and is resourcing operations to specifically tackle burglary and vehicle crime. Where there hasn’t been significant drops the police are aligning resources appropriately to help reduce the numbers in those areas.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said “These figures are good news for our communities who want to be safe and feel safe. I am reassured by the rise in public confidence and by the successes across multiple crime types, and particularly around robbery in Shropshire.

There are always areas that we can improve on, and I am committed to building on this success by delivering an effective police service, who are responsive to community concerns.”

Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman said “We are also seeing that the public feel more confident in reporting crimes and while this can lead to an increase in overall recorded crime numbers, it is important that victims feel they can come forward, and are indeed encouraged to. It is our intention that those who are coming forward as victims for the first time will only need to come to us once and that we can help break that cycle of abuse.

“We are not complacent about any crime rises and we will continue to do everything we can to reduce and tackle crime.

“The wider message is a positive one: overall recorded crime increases in West Mercia are well below those seen nationally, and the implementation of our new policing model will continue allow us to direct and target our resources into the areas of most demand.”

*Based on national home office figures covering April 2017- March 2018

Issued: Friday 11th May 2018