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Results from a survey, ran by Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, to greater understand the public’s views on policing from October to December have been gathered.

There has been a significant 34% rise in the number of respondents who are satisfied with the levels of policing in their local area, when compared to the same period in 2021/22.

Three-fifths in Herefordshire are happy with the number of police officers working in their community. This follows investment from the PCC into boosting officer numbers to record levels and introducing a Neighbourhood Crime Fighting Team to cover the area.

In the county, and across West Mercia, confidence in the police remains high. 82% in Herefordshire have confidence in West Mercia Police, but the force is yet to hit its 88% aspirational target.

The vast majority of respondents continue to say West Mercia Police has their support (93%) and trust (88%) with a 4% rise (83%) in the number of people who feel they would receive a good service.

While these numbers are welcome, more work needs to be done to ensure communities are kept updated about police activity in their area.

Decreasing by 3% when compared to the same period last year, half of respondents in Herefordshire feel the force could do more to keep them informed. Supporting this, the PCC will continue to back West Mercia Police with the resources it needs to grow channels like Neighbourhood Matters to reach more people.

Other key findings from Herefordshire include:

  • Nearly nine-tenths are confident they could access the police in an emergency.
  • 70% feel West Mercia Police understands issues in their community. 1% decrease from previous survey.

PCC John Campion said: “I hear regularly from communities in Herefordshire about the visibility and accessibility of police officers. I have heard those calls loud and clear, and delivered on my promise to increase officer numbers to historic levels.

“I want to see this satisfaction rating increase even further and through my budget for 2024/25, officer numbers will hit 2,506, and new town centres policing teams will be introduced.

“I will use all the powers available to me to support and challenge the Chief Constable to ensure the benefits of my investment are both felt and seen in the county.”