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PCC, John Campion has acknowledged a Home Affairs Select Committee report that has found the police response to the Covid-19 crisis to be ‘proportionate and effective.’

The national report, which comes as police are given new powers to enforce unprecedented regulations and restrictions on movement and gatherings, has assessed the early response of all police forces across the UK to the Covid-19 epidemic.

PCC John Campion said, “I am reassured that West Mercia Police’s response to the enforcement of the new regulations has been proportionate and effective; the emphasis being on engaging, explaining and encouraging, with enforcement being used as a last resort.”

“Officers are undertaking vital work to support the NHS and save lives. Given the pace of the introduction of the new regulations, I commend them for their sensible approach to enforcement.”

“The public has also had its part to play; communities across West Mercia have heeded the advice of Government and stayed at home. As always, I thank them for doing their part to protect the NHS and save lives.”