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“More needs to be done to address the issue of women not feeling safe because of the actions of some men. In recent days we have seen protests and heard harrowing accounts from woman over the impact of the behaviour of some men. They are a reminder of an issue we have long known about, and we should be frustrated we have not made more progress as a society.

“Along with other inequalities in our society this isn’t a quick fix, we cannot just be seen to act today because it’s been brought to attention of the nation, we must act to deliver significant, sustainable and meaningful change in our society over how some men treat women.

“I have long been supporting a greater focus on challenging and changing the behaviour of the offender, and this should be applied to all crimes where possible. If some men feel they’re allowed to call out to women in the street, making them feel intimidated and scared, then why should we have a problem with calling out men for this behaviour. We, as a society, must step forward and help make a difference. We each have a responsibility and I, as Commissioner, will play my part by working with partners and the force to make sure West Mercia is a safe place for women.”