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Commissioner John Campion joined local councillors in Redditch to listen to concerns of speeding raised by residents.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday (28th July), addressed road safety concerns that had been raised in letters from local residents, particularly the speed of motorists travelling along the Bromsgrove Road. John was joined by local councillors; Cllr Lucy Harrison, Cllr Matt Dormer, Cllr Gemma Monaco, Cllr Nyear Nazir, Cllr Imran Altaf, Cllr Brandon Clayton, Cllr Salman Akbar, Local Policing Sergeant and members of the Road Safety Team.

Plans are now in motion to resolve the problems, including looking at vehicle activated signs and traffic calming measures.

PCC John Campion said: “Speeding and ASB on our roads can not only cause collisions but great distress to those that live in the area. Too many people in West Mercia are killed or seriously injured on our roads, with lives being cut short and families torn apart.  I am committed to seeing this number consistently reduce. By working with the local community in Redditch I believe we can help reduce this risk on Bromsgrove Road.

“This week is National Speed Awareness enforcement week, which seems the ideal time to look at what traffic calming measures could be introduced alongside the enforcement from police.  Communities also have the opportunity to empower themselves to tackle road safety by engaging in initiatives such as OP SNAP and improving their own driving skills through awareness raising and training.”

Councillor Matt Dormer said “I was pleased we had the meeting with the Commissioner – I do feel he really listened to concerns.  I am glad we will be able to be move this forward and see what can be done to tackle this issue in the best way possible.”

Councillor Lucy Harrison said “Residents on Bromsgrove Road feel very strongly about the speeding, and rightly so.  I was pleased to get the chance to convey their views to the Commissioner. 

“This won’t be an overnight fix, but with everyone working together, we will make progress.  Many people do not realise just how dangerous speeding is, we have to do all we can to get drivers to slow down.”