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Communities are getting the opportunity to talk to their Police and Crime Commissioner at events taking place across West Mercia.

As with previous years, and now that local events are starting to take place again, PCC John Campion has announced he and his team will be attending large public events that will give communities the chance to talk to him about concerns and local issues. This year, people will get the opportunity to have their say about the PCC’s plan for policing, reducing crime and increasing public confidence, and they can also receive a free Smartwater kit to protect their home and property. 

As part of the Commissioner’s drive to reduce crime and make communities safer, he and his Deputy, Tracey Onslow, will be joined by representatives from West Mercia Police ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ team at the events. They will be on-hand to talk to people about the water-based solution which allows property to be marked that can be traced by the police. People will then have the opportunity to sign up to the ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ scheme to receive a free Smartwater kit. 

The Commissioner also wants to hear from the public about their views on his new Safer West Mercia Plan, which outlines the focus for policing in West Mercia. Those attending, who are keen to have their say, are advised to look at the draft plan. Please visit the PCC’s website:

The event programme for this year is as follows:

  • Shrewsbury Food Festival – Saturday 4 September.
  • Bromyard Food Festival – Saturday 11September.
  • Broadway Food Festival – Sunday 12 September.
  • Malvern Autumn Show – Saturday 25 September.

PCC John Campion said: “I have very much missed engaging face-to-face with the public, so I am looking forward to meeting people at these events. I want to make sure that people get the opportunity to have a strong voice around policing and crime, and it is my role to capture all that is said. This year I am specifically seeking feedback around my draft Safer West Mercia Plan, which will help shape the final version. So, if you’re planning on coming to any of the events, please drop by and say hello.”

Issued on: Wednesday 1st September