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As the voice of the public in policing, PCC John Campion has put forward a set of questions to Chief Constable Pippa Mills shining a spotlight on the concerns of victims raised in the latest police performance report.

The PCC is committed to putting victims and survivors first. The most recent report shows that Victim satisfaction levels are fluctuating across West Mercia with none of the aspirational satisfaction targets currently being met. Victims of violent crime have also reported a significantly reduced rate of satisfaction since April 2021.

Following the launch of a new Quarterly Satisfaction Board, the PCC is seeking reassurance that the new arrangement will help West Mercia Police focus energy on performance trends and issues impacting the experience of victims. PCC John Campion is calling for the force to improve satisfaction by regularly reassuring and updating victims on their case progress.

The PCC has raised concerns regarding the difference in outcomes across West Mercia. Herefordshire offenders are more likely to receive a charge, while those in Shropshire are least likely.

The PCC recognises that improvements to the way officers take action against Domestic Abuse offenders in Herefordshire have seen vast improvements to arrest rates. However, this has not been replicated elsewhere. PCC John Campion wants to hear from the Chief Constable to find out what the force will put in place to support victims to get the justice they deserve.

PCC John Campion said: “I am committed to championing the concerns of victims to make sure they are supported to cope and recover.

“Scrutinising is an important opportunity to put forward issues and concerns related to police performance following June’s report. As PCC, I will continue to hold the Chief Constable to account to ensure victims get the service they deserve and expect.”