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PCC John Campion has funded an extension of The Children Society’s CLIMB project by £200,000 to prevent children and young people from being exploited by crime.

A large portion of this investment has gone towards increasing the workforce, with eight new part-time staff – Early Intervention Practitioners – being hired to work with under-10s, specifically. This is the first time in West Mercia’s history that CLIMB practitioners will be working with under-10s, who are a vulnerable group at risk of being exploited by criminals.

Read below the stories from three of the new part-time practitioners, who will be working with under-10s, on why they were driven to take on this role within the CLIMB project.

I have joined the CLIMB team because I want to make a difference to young people lives, by empowering them and their futures.  

I have been inspired to work with young people because they are our future.

I want to provide opportunities for their thoughts and feelings to be expressed openly and valued with respect.

I feel the importance of young people being taken seriously, yet supported in making life decisions, which will be demonstrated through my practice. 

After spending several years working in retail, I started to consider what I wanted to do for a career.

I have always enjoyed volunteering with children and young people, from football coaching to storytelling and tutoring, I began looking into what I needed to do to begin a career where I would be working with young people and families.

So, I completed a degree at the Open University in Childhood and Youth Studies to help give me a deeper knowledge and understanding.

I was already aware of the great work The Children’s Society was doing with young people and families, and wanted to be a part of that.

When I saw the position advertised for parent support practitioner with CLIMB, I knew this position was for me.

So, I applied and put a lot of effort into my application, thankfully I was successful and now here I am.

I have recently joined the CLIMB Team as an Early Intervention Practitioner for Worcestershire.

I will be working with children under the age of 10 who may be vulnerable to criminal exploitation and/or entering the criminal justice system.

I am excited to join the CLIMB team and even at these early stages, I have been inspired by the energy and commitment of the team to making a positive difference in the lives of young people.

I am from a teaching background, and I am also passionate about supporting vulnerable young people; to raise aspirations, to build confidence, and to develop a sense of identity that will impact positively upon well-being.

I support the child-centred approach taken by CLIMB and I believe that by working 1 to 1 and in small groups, we can better listen to young people, help to engage them, and ultimately meet an individual’s needs.

I was motivated to apply for this role because of the preventative nature of the CLIMB service.

I strongly believe that if we can intervene when early warning signs of risk are identified, we can better protect young people and reduce their risk of exploitation.

The CLIMB service is a real opportunity to improve outcomes for young people. I look forward to working closely with young people and professionals alike, to build positive relationships and to share expertise that will help to protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

I have recently joined The Children’s Society in the new role of Parent Support Practitioner for Worcestershire and Herefordshire within CLIMB West Mercia.

Recently, I graduated from the University of Worcester with a degree in ‘Early Childhood in Society’ so when I saw this role advertised, it felt like my wishes had been answered as this role follows almost directly on from the content of my degree.

Realising I could actually put my practice into play, when I was offered the role, I went on to research some more about TCS and this confirmed my decision in joining the CLIMB team.

For many years I have wanted to work with young people and families in different capacities.

I decided on this area after some personal experiences and reflections, which is when I decided to do my degree and make a career out of my interests.

I am already proud to be a part of TCS and I am both excited and hopeful for the future of my role and its impact.

For further information about the PCC’s latest investment, read more here Project to prevent children from committing crime receives £200k from PCC – West Mercia Police Crime Commissioner (

For anyone who is looking for more information on the CLIMB project and the referral process, please contact [email protected].