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West Mercia Police has been shown to be outstanding for the way it supports victims and potential victims of fraud. The PCC is commending the force, who have already met all the recommendations presented in the HMICFRS Fraud Report, released last week.

The report shows West Mercia are ahead of other forces nationally, having made significant improvements, changing their working habits and targeting perpetrators as well as educating potential victims.

The force has been highlighted for including Fraud and Economic Crime as part of its overall strategy, showing how important this crime is and the dedication to tackle it. Victim care is also emphasised, with a dedicated service to the most vulnerable members of the community. The support is offered in person from a neighbourhood officer if appropriate or by phone call via the Victims Advice Line by a trained member of the team.

Commissioner John Campion said “Fraud is a key focus of mine.  It can have a devastating effect on the most vulnerable members of society, with the proceeds being used to fund exploitation and violence. Although there are always areas to work on, I am pleased in the progress the force has made and the difference this makes to victims.

“It is reassuring to see that West Mercia Police are especially dedicated in this area, and I will work with them to ensure this continues, as part of my commitment to build a Safer West Mercia for our communities.”