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PCC John Campion has committed £2 million to extend a project that challenges perpetrators of domestic abuse to change their behaviour, and ensure specialist support services for victims can continue.

The Drive Project aims to reduce the number of child and adult victims of domestic abuse by working with perpetrators to change their behaviour. This project, which runs across Worcestershire and Herefordshire and is provided by Cranstoun, has been successful in securing funding for a further three years.

West Mercia Women’s Aid have also had their funding renewed to support their Independent Domestic Abuse Advisors (IDVAs) scheme. IDVAs provide specialist tailored support to all high-risk victims of domestic abuse, right across West Mercia. This scheme will now be provided for another three years and will also introduce, for one year, a Young Person’s IDVA service to support those aged over 13 who are experiencing domestic abuse in their own relationships.

PCC John Campion said: “Being able to provide this funding is part of my commitment to the residents of West Mercia to improve our response to domestic abuse, and supporting victims through the process. By funding these providers, and extending their service provision for a further three years, it will ensure support is available to those who need it.

“Unfortunately domestic abuse remains a highly reported crime, but there are still many occurrences that go unreported, it is my hope that by funding these provisions that more people are able to access the support they need when they need it. I want the community to not only be safe but feel safe.”