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Living with the violence and fear of domestic abuse is a daily reality for too many people. Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has reinforced his commitment to improving support and preventing this awful crime.

The PCC is focusing on reducing the number of people abused or exposed to domestic abuse and ensuring the right support is provided locally to victims and survivors. He is also working with partners and West Mercia Police to disrupt abusive behaviours and improve the police response. There has already been significant investment by the PCC to tackle this horrendous crime and get to the root cause, which includes working with perpetrators.

As part of this continued drive, he is encouraging the people of West Mercia to further influence how domestic abuse is tackled by providing their views on his approach.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “Domestic abuse should never be tolerated. The effect it has, not only on victims and survivors but also the wider community, is devastating. Whilst there is a lot of positive work being done in West Mercia to stop the abuse from ever happening and ensuring the right support is available, it is clear more needs to be done to break the cycle and change behaviours.

“Making sure that we’re doing the very best we can for victims and survivors will always be at the forefront of my mission as Commissioner and I will continue to fight for those who are affected by this devastating crime.”