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Committed to tackling violence against women and girls, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has funded anti-spiking kits in South Worcestershire.

The PCC’s investment into the Drink Spike testing kits follows news that drink-spiking cases have increased nationally over the past five years, with 20,000 reports to police forces across England and Wales.

West Mercia is bucking the trend with drink-spiking on the decrease with 6 cases reported in October 2023, down from 63 in November 2021 and 99 cases reported in South Worcestershire over the past two years.

Distribution of the devices, which also include covert tampon kits, will be given to alcohol licence holders and provided to women and girls during the night-time economy, helping to increase awareness of the ongoing work by West Mercia Police to keep communities safe.

PCC John Campion said: “The increase in reports of drink-spiking on a national level are concerning and I am determined to drive this behaviour out of our society.

“While cases in West Mercia are falling, my investment shows I will not be complacent with one case being simply one too many.

“Offenders do not consider the long and lasting impact drink spiking has on victims and the further crimes committed when an individual is in such a vulnerable position.

“I am committed to preventing crime and ensuring everyone is safe and feels safe in their communities, as I remain unrelenting in my drive to deliver my Safer West Mercia Plan.”

West Mercia Police VAWG Officer, Lydia Burrows, who applied for the funding, said: “I am so grateful to have received the funding from the PCC. I hope to raise awareness and to educate so that people feel safe whilst out in South Worcestershire.

“Spiking is something that can happen to anyone, and having the test kits are preventative measures, designed to keep people safe. Everyone has the right to enjoy a night out without fear, and I urge anyone who suspects they have been spiked to contact the police.”

In an emergency, please call 999. For non-emergencies, please ring 101 or report online –Report a crime | West Mercia Police.