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John Campion has confirmed a major investment in new body worn cameras for West Mercia Police, fulfilling key commitments around public confidence and police reform.

The Commissioner has driven the agenda for the new equipment since his election and has now signed off a business case worth £1m, which will see the cameras introduced in 2017.

The technology has been shown to have a significant impact in other forces, where they have reduced complaints against police officers, helped prevent crimes occurring and provided clear evidence of incidents when required.

John Campion said: “I promised our communities I would reform and modernise their police service to ensure better efficiency, effectiveness and value for money. This investment demonstrates how I am delivering on that promise. By making sure our police have the tools they need to do their difficult jobs to the best of their abilities, it will make much better use of their time and resources all round.”

“This technology is also about reassuring our communities and giving them confidence. The cameras provide clarity and evidence about what has happened at incidents involving the police, which I know will also be beneficial for officers.”

“I have seen first hand the benefits these cameras have and have led the push for their introduction. I am pleased to have reached this milestone and will continue to hold the Chief Constable to account to ensure the cameras are introduced on time, on budget and then used appropriately across the force”.