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In a bid to reduce crime and build a safer West Mercia, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is calling on more councillors to supply crime deterrent Smartwater in their area.

Back in June, the Commissioner announced his ‘We Don’t Buy Crime – Leading From the Front’ project, which seeks to reduce acquisitive crime throughout West Mercia, and offered to contribute 25% of the cost for councillors looking to supply Smartwater in their area.

Smartwater, a water-based solution that is unique to each bottle, allows property to be marked and enables the police to identify the owner of the property, and potentially the offender. Councillors were also offered free signage to let offenders know that if they commit crime in this area then they are likely to get caught and not profit from their crime.

John Campion said: “So far, I have had six councillors put in an application for Smartwater which would cover approximately 3,500 homes. It would be great to add even more homes to the 30,205 that are already protected with Smartwater. We have already seen great successes with Smartwater proving to work, and I would like to see this continue across the rest of our communities.

“Many people that have used Smartwater, and are now living in a ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ town, are feeling more reassured and commented on how there is now a more enhanced community spirit.

“This offer will not only contribute to reducing crime but it will provide a further opportunity for us all to work together and make our communities feel safer.”

Published on: Wednesday 12 September