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The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner is welcoming the easing of lockdown restrictions whilst encouraging communities to take personal responsibility.

Last night, the Prime Minster announced the majority of restrictions are expected be lifted from 19th July, encouraging people to ‘exercise judgement’ as they ‘learn to live with the virus’

It is anticipated anti-social and violent behaviour, which had initially decreased during the beginning of restrictions will rise, particularly as the night time economy continues to reopen.

Commissioner John Campion said “We are able to enjoy our freedom, because of the enormous sacrifices each and every one of us has made over a long and difficult period. While the easing of restrictions are welcomed by most, the virus is far from over and it’s important we act with kindness and compassion as we move forward, making the right choices to protect each other.

As more and more people return to doing the things we love and spending time with the people we have missed, it’s important we remember to act responsibly, and not put additional pressure on our emergency services. We must not forget all that they have done and continue to do, to keep our communities safe.”