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The Police and Crime Commissioner is ensuring the promises he has made on the spending of public money are delivered.

The PCC set out his promises for the most recent budget based on feedback from the public. A formal holding to account meeting with Chief Constable today, is focusing on the how progress is being made, making good on the promises to invest.

This includes a commitment for an uplift in 125 police officers to ensure more accessible and visible policing in our communities. Plus a commitment to improve investigative outcomes, bringing justice for victims and survivors.

Other commitments focused around making West Mercia’s communities safer, include focused investment on crimes which cause the most harm (such as homicide, sexual violence and domestic abuse).

PCC John Campion said “It’s important that the public have a say in how their money is spent. I listened to our communities and made promises based on what the public want- more police on our streets, more visibility and accessibility, better support for victims and survivors and a police force that can bring justice and deliver the very best for those it serves. Through this holding to account process I will ensure that these promises are being delivered and that the force continues to work at pace to ensure the public’s money is utilised effectively.”