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In just one step to make the women of West Mercia feel safer, PCC John Campion has funded 5,000 personal alarms.

The PCC has been calling for more to be done around tackling violence against women for a number of years and has spearheaded this work in West Mercia in a long term plan. However, ahead of 12th April, when the next stage of Covid restrictions are due to ease and pubs and bars will reopen, the Commissioner wanted to address an area of concern – violence, and the fear of violence, against women in the night time economy.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “In the recent days we have seen and heard some harrowing accounts from women, who simply don’t feel safe on our streets. Collectively, as a society we have a long way to go. We need to ensure the journey of reducing violence in our society is progressed, including eradicating all forms of violence towards women. We should not shy away from the fact that the overwhelming majority of violence towards women is carried out by men, and we should be tackling the behaviours and attitudes of some men that are perpetrating a culture leading to violence against women. We also shouldn’t be afraid to call out some men for their behaviour. As a man I recognise the need for it, so it is something I personally pledge to do.

“As a short term measure we have to continue to do more to protect and reassure the women and girls within our communities who are at risk of violence and/or feel more vulnerable in light of the recent event. This includes equipping them with things like personal alarms to help keep them safe. This simple act won’t fix the underlying problem, but it will reassure some.

“My resolve is as strong as ever to continue to fight to keep all of the communities that make up West Mercia safe, including reducing violence against women.”

Issued on: Wednesday 17th March 2021