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PCC John Campion has funded an initiative to tackle drug use in pubs in Bromsgrove.

The PCC has funded drug wipes, which will be used to detect areas where drug use is happening on licensed premises, enabling staff to swipe areas and immediately determine if drugs have been used on-site.  The act of swiping likely areas of drug use, such as toilets, will act as a deterrent to anyone planning to use illegal substances, creating a visible ‘zero tolerance’ approach across Bromsgrove’s night-time economy.

PCC John Campion said: “The communities of Bromsgrove have the right to be able to enjoy a night out without the fear of coming into contact with drug use and anti-social behaviour.

“I am committed to ensuring that West Mercia’s communities are safe, and feel safe; this funding is being used to achieve that goal.

“This initiative is a great example of how partners and communities can work together to make a real difference to the communities that they live in.”

Bromsgrove District Council Leader Karen May added: “This Council is working hard to provide a Better Bromsgrove in which people can live, work and visit and the opening of the BirdBox in the town is the latest project to come to fruition.

“We are committed to a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to substance misuse and violence. Now, working with our partners, and thanks to funding from the PCC, pub goers can feel even more confident that they can enjoy a safe night out in our District.”

Inspector Lee Page, West Mercia Police added: “Bromsgrove has for a long time been a popular late night destination especially at the weekend but there is always a small minority who ruin things for everyone else and tarnish the town’s reputation by using illegal substances.

“Drugs use and supply is deeply damaging to communities and in the context of the night time economy it also leads to increases in violence and gives Bromsgrove a bad name.

“The issuing of drugs wipes to staff at bars and clubs is a positive step forwards in our united effort to tackle this problem, to keep people safe and to reduce the likelihood of disorder.

“This initiative has been possible thanks to some great partnership working between West Mercia Police, Bromsgrove District Council and the venues themselves. We’re also grateful to the Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion for providing the funding.

“We, of course, welcome anyone who wants to enjoy a vibrant and fun night out, but let me be clear – Bromsgrove is no safe haven for drugs and violence.

“I hope this new approach sends out the message far and wide that here in Bromsgrove we have a zero tolerance policy towards anyone intent on causing trouble or wishing to bring illegal substances into the town.”

Issued on: Tuesday 25th August 2020