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Committed to tackling domestic abuse in West Mercia, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has funded a new initiative to work with young victims.

More than £97,000 has been awarded by the PCC to a collaborative project led by West Mercia Women’s Aid, who will deliver targeted engagement with children and young people who are at risk of domestic abuse as well as tailored support to help victims cope and recover.

Building on the services already commissioned by the PCC to tackle domestic abuse, the introduction of Children and Young People’s Workers closes an identified gap in support with 8% of victims nationally falling into the young people cohort.

Helping to raise awareness of domestic abuse in West Mercia, the Workers will also visit schools and colleges across the three counties to speak to pupils and teachers.

PCC John Campion said: “It’s a sad fact that domestic abuse is happening in West Mercia, and I know it’s especially difficult for young people to come forward about the horrors they are facing, typically by the hands of someone who should love and protect them.

“I am funding the Children and Young People’s Workers as I want to ensure young people across West Mercia understand the signs of domestic abuse, those at risk are protected, and victims are given the specialist support they need to cope and recover.”

Helen Richardson – Head of client services for WMWA said: “We are really excited to have successfully applied for OPCC funding to support children and young people across West Mercia who have been impacted by domestic abuse.

 “As the Domestic Abuse Act has recognised, children themselves are also victims when witness to or impacted by domestic abuse and there is much to be done to make children and young people feel safe, heard and able to understand what a healthy relationship looks like. We’re looking forward to delivering this exciting project in partnership with Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service and Cranstoun, to promote equal access to evidence based interventions for children and young people across West Mercia”