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As the free fuel scheme comes to an end, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is thanking BP for providing fuel to West Mercia Police at a time when emergency services had to step up in order to keep communities safe.

BP introduced the scheme on the 21st March to supply fuel to emergency service vehicles for free, allowing West Mercia Police to fill up all service vehicles without charge and instead enabling resources be focused on protecting communities.

The amount of fuel that West Mercia Police has benefitted from is estimated to be in excess of £150,000.00

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “BP has made an extraordinary contribution to policing in West Mercia during the Covid-19 pandemic, and I am very grateful for their support. West Mercia Police has continued to work hard to protect communities and keep the vulnerable safe throughout this difficult time. The money the force has saved as a direct result of BP’s invaluable contribution can be directed back into policing to strengthen the support to the communities of West Mercia.”

Issued 08/06/2020