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West Mercia’s Special Constables will receive almost £250,000 of new equipment, following an investment from Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

The technology was rolled out to regular officers in 2017, and has proven its benefits for both police and local communities. Smartphones help officers spend less time in the police station, and more time in the community. Body worn video captures vital evidence from incidents, providing reassurance for both officers and the public. In a typical month more than 13,000 clips are recorded. More than 2,000 are retained as evidence.

The same technology will now be rolled out to the approximately 300 Special Constables in West Mercia who volunteered a combined total of almost 53,000 hours of service last year.

John Campion said: “Our Special Constables play an incredibly valuable role in our communities. It is absolutely right they have the same equipment and support as regular officers. I committed to reforming West Mercia and this is another important step on that journey. This technology has proven its benefits to both West Mercia Police officers, and the communities they serve. I am certain the same benefits will apply to our Special Constabulary, enabling them to play an even greater role in helping keep our communities safe.”

Special Chief Officer, Nick Marlow, said: “I am delighted that my officers will be provided with the best possible equipment to support them in their duties.

“Body Worn Video helps to increase transparency and build public confidence whilst supporting us in our role to prevent and detect crime. Providing mobile phones means officers can work in a more agile and modern way.”

Issued on: Thursday 25th July