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To support individuals fleeing from domestic abuse, Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership have launched their new “grab bag” initiative, which is being proudly supported by PCC John Campion.

According to the Crime Survey of England and Wales, approximately 7,000 adults are survivors of domestic abuse within Herefordshire. Walking away from these situations can be extremely difficult for a victim/survivor and at Christmas, greater support is needed to help a victim/survivor make this vital step to leave their perpetrator.

The “grab bag”, filled with basic essential items, aims to support the victim/survivor through the transition to temporary accommodation or a safe place after leaving a perpetrator. A Domestic Abuse Risk Officer will assess and determine whether the provision is appropriate when speaking to a victim/survivor.

Alongside this, the PCC is furthering his support through the purchase of smart phones which will have the Hollie Guard Extra app downloaded on it to allow victims/survivors to maintain contact with specialist agencies and their support network. The app also contains GPS tracking software to ensure a police response will be actioned when a victim/survivor needs help.

PCC John Campion said: “Too many people in West Mercia, and in Herefordshire specifically, are experiencing domestic abuse in some form.

“As PCC, it is my duty to ensure everyone can feel safe and be safe, including victims and survivors of domestic abuse who might not feel they will ever be safe. Especially at Christmas, these feelings can be stronger than ever, and I want to ensure resources are available to help and support these individuals in one of the most difficult times of their lives.”