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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion welcomes the recognition from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) for West Mercia Polices Professional Standards Department (PSD) handling of complaints.

A triage service was introduced in February 2020 to handle all complaints and make earlier contact with complainants than the previous service level agreement. The relevant processes are still in place to ensure that it is handled correctly and gets the full service as expected.  The department as still offering the best outcome for the individual,  but the introduction of the model has led to more being able to be resolved informally speeding up the process. This reduces the wait for a resolution from over 90 days to just over 30 days.

PCC John Campion said “I am pleased to see the IOPC sharing and recognising the hard and dedicated work of the teams in PSD. This triage model is now well established and has been producing excellent results, the team continue to be able to provide a timely process for all complainants.

“My commitment as PCC is to offer reassurance to the communities of West Mercia in giving the community a voice that is heard. This includes reassuring residents that should they need to make a complaint that it will be handled as effectively and efficiently as it can be.”