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Witnesses who go through the criminal justice system are extremely likely to give evidence again after a survey shows that, on average, 87% are very satisfied with the level of support they receive.

The survey, which was carried out for the Commissioner’s office by the Citizen’s Advice Witness Service, showed that across a year over 3,000 people went through the system with an average of 88% prepared to give evidence again – which is higher than the national average of 76%.

This is in line with the Commissioner’s commitment to put victims, survivors and witnesses first. He promised to work with the government and other service providers to further enhance the services locally. Part of this involved looking at improving the referral rate of witnesses. Previously only around 20% of witnesses were being referred, whereas now over 50% are which has put West Mercia in-line with regional averages.

PCC John Campion said: “It’s reassuring to know that more witnesses are being referred to Citizen’s Advice Witness Service, and that they are very satisfied with the level of support they are receiving.

“Ultimately we are working to the same goal of ensuring that witnesses are given the help they need during what can often be a daunting time in their lives. It is vitally important that we give witnesses the confidence to come forward again, as they could provide invaluable evidence in a case.”