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With the pandemic exposing a number of online scams, PCC John Campion’s latest podcast highlights how people can protect themselves.

The latest podcast from the PCC’s Safer West Mercia series, features the PCC talking with a Cyber Protect Officer about how people can help keep themselves, and others, safe from online scams and fraud, with some helpful tips on spotting these types of crime.

PCSO James Squires, who is responsible for raising awareness of cyber-crime within communities and businesses, highlights how some criminals are taking advantage of the national Covid-19 crisis by adapting their criminality to reflect how people are living during lockdown.

PCC John Campion said, “I’m committed to reducing crime and keeping the most vulnerable in society safe from harm. This podcast is particularly relevant at a time when we are using technology more frequently in our daily lives.”

“We all have a role to play in keeping our communities safe at this time and we need to make sure we to look out for each other, stay vigilant to the threat of crime and share information with those who might be at risk.”

“My latest podcast, which can easily be accessed online, has useful information about how to spot email, telephone and other malicious types of communication and how to stay safe when shopping online.”

The Safer West Mercia Podcast series can be found on Spotify and Buzzsprout for download or listen on Apple Podcasts.