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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is thanking community groups, voluntary schemes, charities and victims services for stepping up during the Covid-19 pandemic and maintaining their vital services and support for communities.

Across West Mercia victim services providers have been forced to adapt and develop their services to cope with an increase in demand and ensure victims, survivors, and the most vulnerable in the community, still receive the support they need to help them cope and recover.

Changes included, flexible working patterns, moving office locations, and in some cases remote working. Digital technology and virtual services were also utilised in place of face to face contact, and to create different ways in which to keep victims engaged and fully supported.

In response to Covid-19 communities also established local support schemes utilising volunteers, and the good will and community spirit of residents to keep everyone connected and ensure the most vulnerable are not alone.

Through a number of community grants and funding schemes the PCC provided over £47,000 to community groups and organisations and £340,000, received from the Ministry of Justice, to services supporting Domestic abuse and sexual violence victims.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “A huge amount of thanks should go to the groups across West Mercia. They have stepped up and worked tirelessly in these challenging times to adapt their services to make sure victims, survivors and vulnerable communities have access to the services and local support networks they need.

“Putting victims and survivors first and protecting the most vulnerable are central parts of mission as Commissioner and it has been amazing to see communities coming together and the adaptability of these groups, throughout the pandemic it, that have helped in delivering on this commitment.”

Issued on Tuesday 7th July 2020