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Electric bikes will soon be used by officers to help tackle the concerns of Shropshire communities following funding from Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion.

The new bikes, funded through the PCC’s Local Policing and Community Ambassador Fund, will enable officers to police harder to reach areas such as town centres, alleyways and river and canal paths. The bikes will also help to improve police response times and improve efficiency in tackling community concerns like anti-social behaviour and drug use, as well as provide greater visibility and reassurance.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “As Commissioner, I have always promised to ensure that West Mercia Police is as efficient and effective as it can be in tackling the issues that matter most to our communities.

“I have listened when communities have said that they want to see an increase in officer visibility and these electric bikes are a great example of this commitment in action. I look forward to seeing them out and about and I hope that, along with the continued increase in officer numbers, they will help to address concerns and provide greater reassurance.”

Shropshire Local Policing Commander, Superintendent Mo Lansdale, said: “The bikes are a fantastic investment and mean officers will not only be more visible in our communities but will be able to patrol larger areas than they can on foot and access areas that are not accessible by car.”

Issued on: Wednesday 20th May 2020