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The Police and Crime Commissioner is seeking reassurance from West Mercia Police Chief Constable that she is taking action to address the falling levels of victim satisfaction across the force area.

PCC John Campion follows a formal holding to account process on behalf of the local communities. Over the last few months, there has been a reduction in victim satisfaction and the PCC knows it is imperative that victims receive the service they deserve and should expect from West Mercia Police.

At the February holding to account session PCC John Campion will raise with Chief Constable Pippa Mills several topics including the falling levels of victim satisfaction across West Mercia, that have fallen further in the past quarter. The Commissioner is clear this is not acceptable and that those experiencing crime are not being supported to adequate levels of satisfaction.

The statistics provided for the last quarter show a reduction in the satisfaction for victims of road traffic collisions, burglaries, domestic abuse and violent crime with the victims of hate crime remaining at the same low level of satisfaction.

The Commissioner and West Mercia Police are committed to delivering high levels of victim satisfaction and maintaining the public’s confidence in quality of the service provided. The PCC has asked the force to come forward with a plan including short, medium and long term aims that they will achieve to increase the satisfaction in the police service and the victims who experience crime.

PCC John Campion said “I am clear that nothing but the very best levels of service is what victims in West Mercia should expect. I am also clear that the current performance of West Mercia Police in this regard is not fulfilling that expectation. I have consistently raised this issue, and provided additional resources to the force and I now expect to be reassured that swift action is being taken.

“I will be addressing a number of areas with the Chief Constable that need to be answered for the residents of West Mercia including ASB, and serious and organised crime. Victim satisfaction is understandably a key priority though as this experience is usually at an individual’s lowest point and I want to make sure they not only are, but also feel supported.”   

Please see West Mercia Police Quarterly Report Q3 2021