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The Police and Crime Commissioner is reassured, following a HMICFRS inspection, that West Mercia Police is doing all it can to prevent corruption and is continuing to make improvements.

The inspection, which was carried out by HMICFRS in September 2021, showed West Mercia Police is fully compliant, with all employees of the workforce and contractors holding the correct level of vetting. The PCC has supported West Mercia Police with investments in IT, in-line with recommendations in the report, to ensure any corrupt individuals can be rooted out. Progress is also being made around other recommendations including: understanding any potential inequality or disproportionality in the vetting process; continued training for staff; providing links to support for vulnerable people; and ensuring all opportunities are utilised when collecting intelligence.

The report also highlighted some instances where individuals had extra vetting, in addition to the standard requirement. Whilst this added to the demand of the vetting team, this thorough process provides a much lesser threat to the force and the public.

PCC John Campion said: “The public rightly expects the highest standards from individuals employed by West Mercia Police. Within society corrupt individuals exist, and we mustn’t be complacent about this. I am reassured that West Mercia Police has high standards of vetting to prevent these individuals from entering the police force, and that thorough processes are in place to root individuals out.

“I am pleased this is being highlighted at a local and national level. I am committed to playing my part through my investments in technological reform, holding the Chief Constable to account to ensure that the areas where improvements can still be made are addressed, and we continue to deliver a police force that the public can have confidence in.”