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A new report highlights the need for a fairer funding formula for policing, as areas such as West Mercia receive £60 less per head from Government than the West Midlands.

The National Audit Office report found forces who have financially struggled most in recent years, are those which have historically received much larger central funding.

John Campion has consistently pushed for a change to the formula, which he argues penalises rural forces and communities, such as West Mercia. For example, this year West Midlands Police received £158 per head of population in central funding. In West Mercia the figure was £96.

John Campion said: “For years we have had a central funding formula that favours the big, urban areas. This has led to people in rural areas having to make significantly higher council tax contributions to fund their local policing service.”

“People in West Mercia who pay their taxes deserve a fairer slice of the national settlement. They should not be disproportionately subsidising policing in other areas, such as the West Midlands”.

“Recent work from the Home Office around police demand is very welcome. I will continue working with the Government and lobbying for this change on behalf of our communities. The audit report highlights an important area around sustainability. I do not believe the current funding arrangements are sustainable in the long term”.

West Midlands West Mercia
Central Funding 2018/19
(figures taken from PCC budget reports)
£444.1m £120.1m
Total population (HMICFRS figures) 2.81m 1.24m
Average central funding (per head of population) £158.04 £96.92
Band D council tax bill 2018/19 £128.55 £197.07