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The PCC has secured an additional investment of over £1 million to support victims of domestic abuse and reduce criminality in West Mercia.

To supplement PCC John Campion’s annual funding for victim services and community-based initiatives, £1,070,630.39 in total has been awarded in the last few months to provide further support as well as dedicated initiatives to improve the safety of communities.

Over half a million was given to support services that work with victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence – many of which had to change the way they work during the Covid-19 lockdown to ensure much needed support was still available.

The remainder of the fund was recently awarded to the area of Brookside, in Telford, to improve the lives of its residents and make sure the area is as safe as possible. This includes funding a number of crime prevention measures and building up the community cohesion.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I have made sure that we have taken advantage of the funding opportunities that have been made available to West Mercia from the Government, and the additional investment we have secured in the last few months has been very much welcomed.

“Putting victims first, and making our communities safer, are central parts of my commitment as Commissioner. With this funding, the services that help deliver that commitment have been able to keep going and ensure some of the most vulnerable people have the support they need in order to cope and recover.

“In other areas, funding has been given to improve the lives of those living within a community that will benefit greatly from increased crime prevention and I am very much looking forward to working with partners as this progresses.”

Issued on: Friday 21st August 2020