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With too many people being killed or seriously injured on West Mercia’s roads, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has set out his approach for tackling road safety.

For both the PCC and communities across West Mercia road safety continues to be an important priority. The new strategy sets out the PCC’s plan to reduce casualties through prevention, making sure that enforcement is effective and rehabilitating offenders whilst making sure victims have the right support in place. 

The road strategy has been drafted at a time when road safety has been subject to number of external factors; the Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive effect on casualties, with a notable decrease in the numbers of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) during the lockdown period between March and July 2020. From July onwards, once restrictions were lifted, the KSI figures returned to near normal, with August 2020 seeing the highest number of KSI casualties for a number of years. A stark reminder that we need to be more vigilant after long periods without driving.

The strategy proposes greater funding will be allocated for driver re-education and initiatives that aim to reduce dangerous driving.

Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion said: “Whilst we have seen a reduction in road casualties since 2016, I cannot afford to become complacent. The KSI figures show that after periods of restrictions on movement, there is a very real need to be more vigilant when driving.

“I have significantly invested in roads policing and visibility, as well as providing West Mercia residents with free road safety courses to increase awareness and change driver attitude.

“I remain committed to working with West Mercia Police, communities and partners to consistently reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries, to ultimately make a difference to the safety of our roads.”

Published Thursday 28th January 2021