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Focused on driving down crime and putting victims and survivors first, the latest meeting between Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion and Temporary Chief Constable Alex Murray took place on Monday 11 December.

To start the meeting, the PCC sought reassurance on West Mercia Police’s improvement plan to ensure supervisors have sufficient oversight of cases to ensure all investigative opportunities are taken, flagged as a cause of concern by HMICFRS in 2022. The T/CC reassured the PCC that activity is underway ahead of the revisit in December 2024.

Covering a range of key performance metrics, the formal assurance and accountability session was also an opportunity to discuss West Mercia Police’s progress to tackle shoplifting, vehicle theft and improve victim satisfaction.

Understanding shoplifting offences have increased both nationally and in West Mercia, efforts have been boosted by West Mercia Police to identify and arrest perpetrators with a significant rise in detection rates.

From April to September 2022 vehicle thefts rose by 3% in West Mercia, when compared to the same time period in 2023 rates had fallen by 3%. The T/CC explained that progress was being made thanks to targeted operations in known hotspots.

Welcoming the progress, the PCC also called for long-term preventative measures to be implemented to ensure it is maintained. The T/CC talked about carrying out work in communities to ensure residents are aware of the risk and the measures they can follow to deter theft.

Committed to ensuring victims and survivors get the service they expect and deserve, as set out in the PCC’s Safer West Mercia Plan, the T/CC explained that satisfaction is improving for victims of domestic abuse.

To ensure satisfaction increases across all crime types, the PCC wants to see direct contact with those dissatisfied with service to ensure lessons are learnt as well as a greater focus on amplifying the voices of victims to drive change.

As part of the session, the T/CC reassured the PCC about work taking place to ensure investigation quality continues to improve, leading to more offenders facing the full extent of the law for their crimes.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion: “I am committed to ensuring the public’s policing priorities are addressed. I welcome the proactive work that West Mercia Police is doing to drive down shoplifting, vehicle theft and improve victim satisfaction.

“While there has been positive progress, it’s clear there is more that needs to be done. I will continue to ensure the force has the resources and tools it needs to make long-lasting change to ultimately build a safer West Mercia.”