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PCC John Campion said: “The Casey Report, which shines a light on the standard of behaviour in the Met, makes for truly horrific reading. Whilst the findings are focused on the Met alone, there is no doubt that the concerns raised will impact public trust and confidence on policing as a whole. 

“It is apparent that there has been a long line of senior police officers and mayors in London, presiding over this sorry state for too long, who have ultimately let down victims, the public and other officers who are committed to serving and protecting communities.

“The shocking crimes, included within the report, should have kickstarted change before now however it is apparent that hasn’t necessarily been the case. The Met, and other forces, cannot allow anything like this to continue to happen.

“I’m not reassured that the examples of misogyny, homophobia and other abhorrent behaviour, highlighted in the Casey Report, isn’t also happening within West Mercia Police. I will therefore continue to play my part, by supporting and holding West Mercia Police’s Chief Constable to account, to ensure this latest report is used to drive the change and bring the necessary reassurance in West Mercia.”