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A Panorama programme aired on Monday 8 January, Will My Crime Be Solved on BBC1, focusing on the current climate of crime and policing.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “Whilst it appears the national Police Chiefs are focused on perpetuating an outdated narrative, I am focused on ensuring the record levels of police resources are delivering on the public’s priorities in a safer West Mercia.

“Confidence in policing, forms the basis of an unwritten contract of consent between the public and the police. In West Mercia, confidence levels have remained around 80% over the past twelve months with the main drivers around police response to crime. To build on this solid foundation, I am committed to putting victims and survivors first and scrutinising the force to ensure they deliver a service you expect and deserve.

“Since 2016, I have overseen a year-on-year increase in police officer numbers, reaching the highest on record in 2023. With these numbers, I want communities to see and feel the benefits of this significant investment. This means police officers working in communities driving down crime and being evermore visible and accessible.

“Nationally, there has been a long-term downward trend in total recorded crime estimates, but a rise in reporting thanks to improvements in the way crime is logged as well as victims being more confident to report crime to the police.

“Empowering communities to report crime is important but doesn’t paint the full picture with overall recorded crime falling by 10% in West Mercia so far in 2023/24. This has been made possible by working closely and collaboratively with the Government, local partners and the police to educate, prevent and enforce.

“My commitment is clear; I will continue to use all the powers available to me to improve how communities are kept safe by supporting and challenging the Chief Constable with the voice of local communities at the heart.”