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The Government’s new Fraud Strategy has been welcomed by PCC John Campion.

It introduces measures to stop scams at the source, bring more fraudsters to justice and empower people to better protect themselves.

In West Mercia, over half of all crime is fraud and cyber related with the elderly being the most likely victims.

The PCC said: “I fully support the Government’s landmark Fraud Strategy. It’s important we stay on top of a growing crime that is devastating the lives and livelihoods of victims across West Mercia.

“The internet is a space many of us use safely on a daily basis, but we are seeing criminals taking advantage of new technology and techniques to prey on the most vulnerable. 

“As PCC, I am committed to playing my part to make a real difference by implementing a holistic approach. To prevent people becoming victims, I have helped to fund the rollout of Get Safe Online training across West Mercia. I have also provided funding to boost West Mercia Police’s economic crime unit with additional officers to protect against fraud, focusing on vulnerability.”