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Driving whilst distracted is a contributing factor for too many deaths and serious injuries on the roads of West Mercia. Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has made improving road safety and driver behaviours a top priority.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) mobile phone road safety campaign, running all week, highlights the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving and the measures that we can all take to tackle the issue.

Research has shown that drivers using a mobile phone hand held or hands free:

  • Are four times more likely to be involved in a collision
  • Take much longer to notice and react to hazards

The Commissioners ongoing commitment to improving road safety includes a strategy which is out for consultation and outlines the vision for tackling road safety issues and delivering an effective police response, and also a dedicated Safer Roads Fund for localised road safety projects.

The Commissioner said: “Driving whilst distracted is never acceptable. I have continually worked with communities and West Mercia Police to ensure improvement in road safety and challenge unsafe driver behaviours. As part of my commitment in West Mercia I have supported driver awareness sessions, which include information on the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

“Whilst the majority of people drive safely and legally the national campaign by the NPCC is a welcome reminder that we can all play a part in keeping our roads safe. I will continue to support West Mercia Police as they crackdown on motorists driving whilst distracted and also look forward to welcoming the new government legislation.”

As part of Operation Snap, members of the public can submit digital footage showing potential traffic offences, including the use of mobile phone, to West Mercia Police who will review footage and follow up where appropriate –
Click here to learn more about Operation Snap

Issued on: Monday 9th March 2020