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A new report released by the Information Commissioner’s Office shows people feel re-victimised by a system they expect to support them. The report found that victims are being asked to hand over their phones to be examined for over 24 hours as well as collecting a large amount of personal data.

PCC John Campion said “I want to ensure victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system and should be able to trust the system put in place to support them. The process can be difficult for victims and therefore adding more barriers could stop them from reporting and continuing with the process leading to a reduction in conviction rates.

“I welcome these new changes to improve services for victims as this will help to reassure them of the process. Recommendations need to benefit the victim and not cause further trauma but support them through the process to reach justice.

“Victims need to be treated as real people and not just numbers, it is my priority as Commissioner to ensure that the communities of West Mercia receive the very best service they deserve. This is why I continue to support and invest in digital forensics and investigations, to speed the process up and ensure justice is reached.”