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Stafford Park has become the first industrial estate to become a We Don’t Buy Crime area.

This follows on from Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire which became the first ever We Don’t Buy Crime town, in 2015.

We Don’t Buy Crime towns see households protected by SmartWater forensic technology with signs displayed throughout the area warning thieves crime prevention measures have been taken.

The Scheme is supported by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, who is offering to fund 25% of the rollout costs to councillors interested in helping to protect their wards.

Since 2015, more than 50 towns and villages across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin have signed up to the scheme.

And now Stafford Park in Telford has become the first industrial estate to get involved with business units protected with SmartWater.

We Don’t Buy Crime is West Mercia Police’s response to tackling acquisitive crime, which includes crimes such as burglary and theft, and the harm these crimes cause.

It is led by Chief Superintendent Tom Harding.

He said: “Burglaries can have a huge impact on a business, certainly when it is a smaller enterprise, and we want to make sure we are doing all we can to help prevent them from taking place in the first place.

“Using SmartWater forensic technology to protect units on the industrial estate sends a clear message to burglars and thieves that if they break-in to the premises the likelihood is they will get caught.

“We know We Don’t Buy Crime has had a positive impact on reducing crime in our We Don’t Buy Crime towns and villages and are confident it will have a similar impact on Stafford Park and will now be looking to roll it out to other industrial estates.”

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Tracey Onslow said: “The more widely we can increase take up of these measures, the more effective the deterrent is. Investments like this not only prevent crime and people from becoming victims but help to free up police to tackle other issues. On behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner, I’m pleased to see a significant decrease in burglaries across West Mercia, and would continue to encourage other communities to contact their local Councillors if they feel they would benefit from SmartWater”.

Gary Higgins, SmartWater’s Director of Security Services, said: “SmartWater is working very hard with the police in presenting a united front when it comes to tackling crime.

“SmartWater has massively helped to reduce burglaries when deployed by police and it is something we know the criminal is afraid of – making it a strong deterrent.

“The We Don’t Buy Crime campaign not only offers practical assistance to homes and businesses in the form of the kits, it also helps to focus minds on crime and crime prevention and gets people thinking about the steps they can take to keep their property safe.

“It has been a hugely successful campaign so far and we are proud to be able to play our part in helping people take a more proactive role in taking the fight to the criminal. It is important we all do what we can to reduce crime and make life that much harder for the thief.”

Richard Sheehan, Chief Executive of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce said: “As a Chamber of Commerce we are totally committed to cost saving and protection for our business community. An initiative such as this is very welcome and we look forward to supporting its expansion across our county’s business community over time.”