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New bikes funded by the PCC are helping to increase road awareness with young children in Worcestershire.

After Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership highlighted their concerns about pupils not having access to road worthy bikes appropriate for training, they applied to PCC John Campion’s dedicated road safety fund.

The school received £3,000 from the PCC’s fund to replace and service existing bikes, in order to teach young people the skill of riding a bike safely.

The new funds will allow ‘Bikeability’ training to take place, an initiative that encourages children to travel on bikes, whilst increasing their awareness of road safety, reducing the number of road traffic collisions.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “With more and more people choosing to cycle, this is a great project aimed at young people safely using our local roads. Road safety is a concern for all residents across West Mercia, and it is a priority of mine to work with communities to make our roads safer. It is important for our children to have good road awareness as they start their cycling career, and I am pleased Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership have been able to access my funding dedicated to improving road safety.”

Issued on: Tuesday 18th August 2020