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West Mercia residents have said that have confidence in West Mercia Police, according to a recent survey.

As part of the PCC’s commitment to listening and acting on the concerns raised by the communities in West Mercia, a survey is carried out to help inform the PCC about which elements of the force are doing well and where there are areas for improvement.

Thousands of people across the force area were interviewed over a 12 month period which highlighted the following results for West Mercia:

  • 86% tended to agree or strongly agreed they have confidence with West Mercia Police    – up 1% on last quarter
  • 70% tended to agree or strongly agreed that West Mercia Police understands issues in their community – down 2% on last quarter
  • 75% said crime and anti-social behaviour was not a very big, or quite a big problem in their area – up 3% on last quarter
  • 26% said they see an officer or PCSO at least once per week – down 6% on last quarter

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I promised to put the public at the heart of policing in West Mercia.  This survey gives me insight into how satisfied and confident West Mercia residents are in their local police service. The results are used to help me shape my investments in policing and effectively hold the Chief Constable to account where the service can improve.

“It’s encouraging to see that residents in West Mercia have a good level confidence in their police force and that the force understands the issues that are important to them. But I am committed that we can do even better, and I remain committed to improving issues such as police officer visibility and accessibility all whilst maintaining a relentless focus on fighting crime.

“I will continue to use the data from this survey to make the necessary improvements, and to ensure West Mercia has the right resources in place to tackle the issues important to our communities.”

Published Friday 26th February 2021