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PCC John Campion wants to thank everyone who got involved in the Pin your poppy project and the overwhelming response to paying tribute to servicemen and women, both past and present.

The Unknown Tommy Statues have now been removed from local police stations across West Mercia and they are on the move to Monkmoor Station in Shrewsbury.

Following their arrival at Monkmoor, the six statues will play a part of the Ceremony of Remembrance taking place on Thursday 9 November at 2:30pm. The PCC will be joined by dignitaries and members of the community to honour the Fallen and those who continue to serve in the Armed Forces.

The PCC said: “With Remembrance Day upon us, it is an important for us all to remember the significance of this time of year and the importance of taking some time out of our lives to honour the Armed Forces, as well as ex-service personnel who serve within West Mercia Police to keep our communities safe.

“It is therefore humbling to see West Mercia residents coming together for one common cause – to honour servicemen and women, both past and present, in a creative and imaginative way.

“Each handcrafted and unique poppy have been made by schools, community groups and residents who wanted to pay a sombre and dignified tribute to the Fallen and those who continue to serve to keep us safe.

“I look forward to meeting communities who have played their part in this project and for us all to come together to remember the commitment and sacrifice servicemen and women have given.”