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With too many people being killed on West Mercia roads, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has raised concerns about a busy Worcestershire road.

The A456 Bewdley bypass, which was built to divert traffic out of the town, is known for high-speeds and has previously featured in annual motorbike campaigns.

Between 2015 and 2019, along the full length of the bypass, there has been one fatal, two serious and six slight-injury collisions. After a driver was killed over the Christmas period, PCC John Campion vowed to find out what could be done to prevent further collisions.

The Commissioner is pleased that at a recent quarterly meeting, between the Safer Roads Partnership and local authority partners, the bypass was identified as a potential enforcement location. In the coming months, a series of checks will be done in order to make this possible and West Mercia police will be carrying out visible patrols along this road to deter and identify traffic offences.

Commissioner John Campion said: “Like many in West Mercia, this is a fast road and I have had many people express their concerns over it, so I was keen to raise these and identify what could be done.

“I fully support West Mercia police and am grateful they are acting. I will ensure they have all the resources needed to see the number of people losing their lives, or becoming seriously injured, on our roads dramatically reduced. I am pleased that the local and roads policing teams are carrying out the necessary checks and I look forward to seeing this make a difference.

“We too, as road users, also have our part to play in reducing collisions on our roads – such as driving slower and respecting other drivers. Also, many people already use dashcams, and most passengers and pedestrians have access to a mobile phone, so it makes it extremely easy for the public to play an active role in reporting offences, and helping to build a clearer picture in order to challenge unacceptable driving and make our roads safer.”

Issued on: Tuesday 29th January