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Focused on ensuring the residents of West Mercia feel safe and are safe in their community, Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is holding his latest assurance and accountability session with Chief Constable (CC) Alex Murray.  

The formal session on Monday 20 May will be a discussion between the PCC and CC on the force’s performance on a number of public priorities. 

This includes reviewing the current performance of the 999 service and how it can be improved further, the action being taken to prevent people being killed or seriously injured on West Mercia’s roads, as well as an overview of the activity on domestic abuse arrest rates.  

PCC John Campion said: “As your voice in policing, I am committed to ensuring you get the high level of service you and I expect from West Mercia Police. 

“It is vital that we do evermore to ensure that you feel safe and are safe in your communities and that you feel confident that your police service is actively making changes to improve. 

“I am confident my latest meeting with the chief constable will provide further understanding of how the force’s performance can improve and how my continued investment into tools and resources will benefit the communities of West Mercia.”